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BabyHub SleepSpace Travel Cot Review

SleepSpace Travel Cot Review

SleepSpace Travel Cot Review – Over the past year or so we’ve tried to make the most of our family time. It’s really easy to get caught up in the day to day hustle and bustle of work and school, and if you throw in housework and a dog it can be really time consuming. We’ve decided as a family that the time that we do get together should be spent doing fun stuff, one of these things being taking the opportunity to venture outside of the house with day trips as well as the odd family holiday.

Sleepspace Travel Cot Review


Saying that we haven’t got anything booked as yet since little Freddie was due at any time and we didn’t want to commit ourselves to anything until we’d got into our new family routine. Now that Freddie is very much here and making his presence known we can start thinking about our family adventures.

Sleepspace Travel Cot Review

Previous experience of holidays where some things are provided such as cots, highchairs and prams have not been great so we like to take our own things so that we know they are safe and clean to use.

When we were asked to review the SleepSpace Travel Cot I was very excited. You may wonder why, but the SleepSpace is no ordinary travel cot as it is multifunctional, and doubles up as a play teepee or den if you’re seven.

Sleepspace Travel Cot Review

The SleepSpace Travel cot is lightweight (6kg) and comes in it’s own zippable bag for easy carrying. It comes with its own padded mattress, 67 x 94 x 2cm which all standard travel cot fitted sheets can be fitted.

it has an umbrella style mechanism for folding/unfolding which makes it easy to put up and down with just a few clicks.

Sleepspace Travel Cot Review

it also comes with a mosquito net perfect for our unusually hot weather, and a teepee which fits over the top to transform the cot into a safe play space.

The SleepSpace Travel Cot has fully padded edges to avoid bumps and has breathable mesh sides making it a safe place for your baby to sleep and play.

Sleepspace Travel Cot Review

The SleepSpace Travel Cot is suitable from birth to 3 years and is available in 4 colours (Tangerine, Pebble, Kiwi and Ruby).

Our thoughts

We took a few close up shots on Instagram to see if you guys could work out what we’d had delivered since this is no ordinary ‘run of the mill’ travel cot and quite a few of you savvy mums and dads had it sussed fairly quickly.

Sleepspace Travel Cot Review

Assembling the SleepSpace Travel Cot was extremely easy with just a few clicks. We liked the mosquito net feature since the weather has been unusually hot so there are a lot of flying nasties to contend with. It’s got plenty of padding covering the frame to prevent any bumps.

Sleepspace Travel Cot Review

Most importantly this was deemed ‘cool’ by our seven year old daughter once it was transformed into a teepee den. With a seven year old and a newborn there are few things that are appealing to both age groups but this definitely got the thumbs up from Isabelle who had this in her room for a few night to ‘try out’.

Freddie is obsessed with lights so we turned it into a little sensory light show with the help of Isabelle.

The SleepSpace Travel Cot has also won several awards which in my book always goes a long way since they use Mum and Dad reviewers to help make these decisions.

Sleepspace Travel Cot Review

The test of all tests is whether or not the travel cot would go back in it’s bag. Don’t you just hate it when you buy something, take it out of the box and then it never goes back in there unless you squash it or sit on it. This went down and back in its bag like a dream.

Overall we were really impressed with the SleepSpace travel cot not only for its functionality as a safe place for Freddie to sleep but also the multifunctional use of a cool play space for both Freddie and Isabelle to enjoy.

The SleepSpace Travel Cot is available to buy at the BabyHub Shop for £149. To keep up to date with all the news and special offers sign up to their Newsletter.

Disclosure: We were sent a SleepSpace Travel Cot free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions and images are my own. 

Mothers Select Pre-natal Vitamin Review

Mother’s Select Pre-natal Vitamin Review

Mother’s Select Pre-natal Vitamin Review – When you’re trying to conceive or have just found out that you’re pregnant there are a few things that are top of the list that you do, and one of them is making sure that you’re taking the necessary vitamins to ensure your baby has the best start.

Mothers Select Pre-natal Vitamins

It’s important to get enough of the following:

  • Folic Acid
  • Vitamin D
  • Iron
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium

Whilst it’s important to try and gain these from a healthy balanced diet, there are lots of supplements that are available to ensure that you get the recommended doses which will help to put your mind at rest.

I was sent some Mother’s Select Prenatal Vitamins to try which is a brand that I hadn’t previously heard of. Mother’s Select make a range of Vitamin supplements to help support women right through from conception to breastfeeding, and also a range for babies and children. The whole Mother’s Select range is available via Amazon which I think is convenient for most of us. Mother’s Select range is made in the USA but shipped FREE to the UK. Yey!

What’s so great about these vitamins?

  • These vitamins can be taken before you are pregnant, during pregnancy and throughout your breastfeeding journey which is great.
  • You only have to take them once a day
  • They include all essential vitamins including Methyl Folate which is a natural version of folic acid, DHA and Omega 3 for Brain Support, Eye and Nerve Development, Mutivitamins, Antioxidants and Minerals for bones, immune support, and hair growth.
  • They come in capsules which are really easy to swallow and free from common allergens including wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts and eggs.
  • Made with only the highest quality ingredients with no fillers or chemicals.
  • They also have an unconditional money back guarantee. No questions asked.
So as you can see they have everything  you need to take you right through to the end of your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey.
You get 60 capsules in the bottle and since they retail at £14.77 per bottle, taking two a day that works out at 49p per day which is nothing for the comfort of knowing that all the vitamins you need are covered.

My thoughts on Mother’s Select Prenatal Vitamins

I know it’s really important to stay as healthy and do everything possible to ensure my baby can be born as healthy as possible. during the first five months of my pregnancy my eating habit wasn’t the best. I wasn’t able to eat a huge variety of food and was sick a LOT so it’s a worry that you aren’t getting enough to keep the baby healthy. Taking vitamins makes me feel better in the knowledge that by taking them I’m at least providing the essential nutritional vitamins that both the baby and I need.
The tablets are really easy to swallow. You have to take them after you’ve eaten so I take mine after my evening meal and I’m getting really bad heartburn at the moment and I get a bit of a tablety taste afterwards, but that may just be because I’ve eaten rather than the vitamins exacerbating the heartburn and causing me to burp (the joys of pregnancy). The price of these is around the same as other leading brands, but the difference with the Mother’s Select brand is that you can take the same tablets all the way through.

Where can you buy them from?

You can buy theMother’s Select range from Amazon or directly from the Mother’s Select website where there is also a 5% off discount code.
Hope you’re having a healthy and happy pregnancy. You can follow my week by week progress via my Pregnancy Diary updates.
Lisa x

*We were sent a 60 capsule bottle of Mother’s Select Pre-natal Vitamins for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Review: Songmics Large Folding Storage Ottoman Bench Box + Competition

Review: Songmics Large Folding Storage Ottoman Bench Box + Competition

Songmics Large Folding Storage Ottoman Bench Box – With Christmas not that long ago we always find ourselves having to do a reshuffle and reorganisation of the toys and books both old and new. Finding the right home storage is key to keeping it all under control.

Songmics Large Folding Storage Ottoman Bench Box

When Songmics, leading sellers on Amazon got in touch and asked us to review the Storage Ottoman Bench I bit their hands off (virtually of course). Songmics sell a range of household and storage solutions at great prices.

I like box style storage or multi-purpose storage in muted tones which is why I was drawn to this Grey Ottoman Bench box.

As you can see it doesn’t look like a toy box from the outside so fits in perfectly in the dining area.

It was really easy to put together with no fixtures or screws. It came in four pieces:

  • The Lid
  • The base
  • The bottom
  • A divider

All we had to do was unfold the base, add the bottom which was a thick plastic part that keeps the base box shaped, and then add the divider.

The lid is padded which means that it can also be used as a bench style seat, or a reading place as Isabelle has already claimed it to be.

Songmics Large Folding Storage Ottoman Bench Box

What’s inside?

As it’s quite large I thought it was perfect to store some of our ever growing collection of board games. We’ve put it in the dining area which means that if we were to have additional guests for dinner we could use it for extra seating at the table so it definitely has a multi-function purpose. You could of course use this for anything from a blanket box to shoe storage.

Songmics Large Folding Storage Ottoman Bench Box

What we think?

It gets a big thumbs up from me simply because it is multipurpose and doesn’t look like a toy box so fits in with the surrounding furniture. It also gets an additional thumbs up from Isabelle who has been lounging on it reading her books or playing on her tablet as she’s been full of a cold for the last couple of days. Our games have a great new home now which is easily accessible whilst looking stylish.

Songmics Large Folding Storage Ottoman Bench Box


Like what you see then enter our Competition to WIN one for yourself – Just fill in the rafflecopter form below.

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Good luck!

Lisa x

*We were sent a Songmics Large Folding Storage Ottoman Bench Box for the purpose of review. All our thoughts and opinions are our own.

Thrive – Feel Stress-Free App – Competition & Review

Thrive – Feel Stress-Free App – Competition & Review

I was asked to review the Feel Stress-Free App which was quite apt as over the last few months I’ve been overwhelmed with feeling stressed which has affected everyday life.

My stress is attributed to being unhappy in a previous job and then starting not one but two new jobs. I’m not sure that I’m doing a particularly great job since I feel unable to retain any information which in a new job is vital.

Feel Stress Free App

I currently feel that I’ve lost grip on both my home and my work life. The house is a tip and we’re attempting a huge clear out of outgrown clothes, toys, books, etc. I’m starting things but not completing them which means there is ‘STUFF’ everywhere.

What I need is a huge brain dump of all the silly things that are waking me up in the night such as have I given the dog his flea treatment or did I remember to add something to the calendar. Stupid everyday stuff that shouldn’t be reason enough to wake me up.

I also really need to get organised so that I can stop fretting about the things I’ve got to do and just do them.

The Feel Stress-Free App

I was really pleased when Thrive got in touch and I’m hoping that using the app as well as giving myself a manageable to-do list will get me back on track.

I downloaded the app which was really simple. You can pop over to the Thrive site or through your app store.

Once you’ve signed up there is a simple questionnaire around how you are feeling good and bad about at the moment and the way that it makes you feel.

I’m feeling pretty good today but that could be more to do with it being my day off and I had a bit of a lay in this morning.

These were my results which say that I manage my stress well but some risk factors have been detected. The app then gives you some suggestions.

All of this took a matter of minutes and I think I’m going to use my bus ride time to complete this as I’m completely on my own (aside from the other people).

It’s a good idea to check in with the app a few times a day. Not only does it give you useful suggestions but it also tracks your progress and gives you words of encouragement.

I got a notification of a message in a bottle.

These are words of wisdom and quotes which you can reciprocate to encourage other users.

I headed to the wellbeing section which gives you loads of tips for things that can help with depression, anxiety, relaxation, and making sure you get enough sleep.

I have trouble relaxing. My brain never switches off, but it doesn’t mean that I’m more productive as I tend to procrastinate and worry about things I have to do rather than actually doing the do.

I also need to improve my sleep as this has been shocking recently. We don’t have a TV in our room but I do check my social media before I go to sleep and I also read from my kindle every night without fail. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to put a stop to either of these but I do need to improve it.

The process of asking how you feel and what you feel good about happens daily and recommendations are made based on the answers given.

Breathing Exercises

I like the breathing exercises, but at the beginning, I was finding myself urging to click on other apps or checking emails whilst I was completing the exercise which is totally not the point.

The more that I have done these exercises the better I’ve become at focusing on the exercise and zoning out everything else. This is huge progress for me.


There are several options in this section and you will either require headphones or be in a room that allows you to focus on the words. The point of these exercises is to make you aware of your surroundings which include sounds of the sea, the sensations within your body (body scan), and make you aware of your tensions to enable you to let them go.

Zen Challenge

One of the features of the app is a Zen Garden game. You have to rake between the coloured buckets making sure that the paths do not cross. I’m quite good at that and can easily do several levels at a time.

There are so many aspects to this app that also links to the NHS exercise plan which is free for everybody to use.

Goals are set for you which you can do at your own pace. One of mine was to cut down on the amount of caffeine I drink. I do drink quite a few cups of tea during any given day so have changed a few of these to peppermint tea. You can keep track of your progress as well to see how far you’ve come.

You can of course download the app for £5.99 a month by popping over to the Thrive website or via the app store.

Do you feel stressed and need a hand to get back on track?

Enter our competition to WIN a month’s access to the Thrive Feel Stress-Free App. Just fill in the  Rafflecopter form below.

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Good luck.

Lisa x

Bluestone Wales Resort

Bluestone Wales Resort

So following on from arrival and first impressions, today is our first full day at Bluestone Wales Resort. The weather today is nothing like yesterday. We have blue skies and the wind has thankfully died down. The wind in Wales even made the news as it was compared to the storms in Ireland which were much worse.

The Park

There is an awesome park at Bluestone with fake grass which is lovely and bouncy underfoot. It feels a bit like being in Teletubby land. All the equipment is made out of sturdy wooden structures with bright colours. There’s something for all ages with big slides, little slides, ride on bouncy bugs, swings and a strange thing that looks like a colander that you sit in and it spins around.

Bluestone Wales Resort

The park is just above the coffee shop which is perfect for us mums and dads that need a bit of extra fuel to keep up with the little ones.

Bluestone Wales Resort

Just off the park there are wooden tree houses which all have games in them such as noughts and crosses, pinball and ball mazes.

Bluestone Wales Resort

We also discovered a giant chair which was left behind by a local welsh giant.

Bluestone Wales Resort

The Lake

After we’d had a mooch around the village we went for a wander around the lake. We bumped into some odd looking locals along the way.

Bluestone Wales Resort

The lake was lovely although there was a distinct eggy smell which I’m guessing is something to do with the sewerage system, but we could only smell it for part of the way round.

We also saw lots of birds, ducks and proper lily pads which Isabelle thought were only made up in films.


We also popped into local Narbeth to have a look around. There we found the most amazing deli which had so many yummy things to choose from.

Isabelle was amazed at the size of the onions and found the biggest jacket potato EVER….

Bluestone Wales Resort

We also found a shop that sells specialist alcohol including every kind of flavoured gin imaginable. Nothing unusual about that you would think, but alongside the alcohol they sell ice creams, gelato and sorbet (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). It seemed like a bit of an odd combination. Isabelle had a vanilla ice cream which the lady claimed to be the BEST vanilla ice cream ever. Isabelle being quite the ice cream connoisseur put the ice cream to the test and confirmed it as being THE BEST IN THE WORLD. It was made locally from local Welsh cows milk. As well as the ice cream, Chris bought two pints of local cider which came in a milk carton. It looked a lot like a cows urine sample and didn’t smell much better either.

The Knights Tafarn

In the evening we ventured out to the knights Tafarn for a drink. There was a lovely atmosphere in the pub, and we’re hoping to go back on Thursday for the pub quiz.

Bluestone Wales Resort

There were also a couple of pumpkin people sat outside which you can see a clip of on our Instagram stories.

Blue Lagoon and Adventure Centre

A good fun swimming pool is a must when booking a family holiday, and a trip there almost daily is a great way to get the kids up and out for the day or something fun to do before getting ready for dinner. The pool was definitely no disappointment with waves, a lazy river and slides to play on. Isabelle and even Ryan had a great time.

Lisa x

*disclaimer – we were given a mid-week stay at Bluestone in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


Spark – The Review

Spark – The Review

We love to watch all of the latest films with Isabelle. We set up camp on the sofa with pyjamas, blankets and snacks and snuggle down, and this is what we did to watch the new film Spark.


Spark is released on DVD and Blue-Ray on Monday 18th September 2017.

You may guess the voices of some well-known names including:

Patrick Stewart
Jessica Biel
Susan Sarandon
Hilary Swank
Rob deLeeuw
A.C Peterson
Jace Norman

The Film

Spark is about a teenage monkey called Spark whose planet was destroyed by the ruthless Zhong leaving him as an orphan with only Chunk, Vix, and some insects for company.


Zhong took over what remained of planet Bana and enslaving everyone who remained.

Spark along with Chunk, Vix, Nanny the Robot and some insects managed to survive on a shard of the planet which was used as a garbage dump whilst Zhong plotted to destroy the entire universe with the help of a deadly space Kraken.


When Spark reaches thirteen he feels ready to take on Zhong, and unbeknown to Chunk and Vix replies to a secret space mission.


Leaving the shard with only his pet roach for company, Spark sets off on the mission of his life.

Making his way into Zhong’s palace with the help of Chunks gadgetry he meets the Queen who gives him a Kraken finder to hide so that Zhong cannot carry out his deadly plan.


Instead of returning to the garbage shard Spark decides to find the Kraken himself. After finding the Kraken he guides it back towards the garbage shard, but Khong’s men have already destroyed everything that had become home to Spark including Bananny the Robot.

Zhong’s men seize the Kraken and capture Spark and imprison him along with Chunk and Vix.


The Kraken is kept under a torturous force field and the garbage shard is destroyed and Spark, Vix and Chunk are thrown into the black hole created by the Kraken.

They land on a planet where many from the original planet Bana had been hiding out. The Captain of the Royal Guard and some of his men have been living not knowing that planet Bana still exists.

Spark is revealed as the Prince of Bana and discovers that the Queen is actually his mother. Vix and Chunk had been keeping Spark safe from the truth on behalf of the Queen until the time came to take back Bana.

They prepare to take back Planet Bana by using Chunks technical know how with the help of mutated bugs. Unbeknown to Spark, Chunk had saved Bananny and pimped her up.


They create a new Kraken slick and return to battle against Zhong. After a great battle where Zhongs ship is destroyed, a black hole is created and Zhong is punched into it by the Queen.

Peace is resumed as Planet Bana is restored to former glory, and the Queen and Prince Spark are in their rightful place.

What we thought:

This was a refreshing change from our usual princessy themed films that we tend to watch. Isabelle was in a telly-trance for the whole film which means it gets a big juicy thumbs up from us. As a parent some of the kids films can be a bit boring, but this was action packed with lots of humour throughout.

It’s definitely worth a watch.

Lisa x



Pipity Kids Travel Activity Case – A Review & Competition

Pipity Kids Travel Activity Case

We were really pleased to be asked to review the Pipity Kids Travel Activity Case. We’re going on holiday next month and it will be Isabelle’s first time on a plane. The journey is relatively short as we’re going to Spain, but there will be plenty of opportunity for Isabelle to get bored so we’re going prepared.

What do you do on journeys to keep boredom at bay?

The last time we went away I put together a little bag for her to open once she was in the car which had a kids magazine, some colouring pencils, some snacks and a sticker pack which went down a treat.

We play all the usual games such as eye spy, count the number of (whatever colour) cars.

We also let her take her tablet with some of her favourite apps on.

The other week she had a little lego set in the car which was a disaster as she dropped some of the pieces which nobody could reach as we were driving along. I don’t think we’ll be doing that again.


Cue the Pipity Kids Travel Activity Case

Not only does this case look super cute with the star print which comes in a choice of Blue, Pink and Red, it as both a case handle and a detachable longer bag handle. It’s really well made from oilcloth to withstand the heavy handedness and has everything you need to keep a little one busy on a journey.

What’s inside:

  • A Pencil for drawing and writing
  • A Set of 12 colouring pencils
  • A Pencil Sharpener
  • A Gluestick
  • A pair of scissors
  • A ruler
  • An Activity Book

Pipity Kids Activity Case

The activity case has a built in easel with elasticated straps to keep your activity page in place whilst you colour it in.

Each of the activity books are packed full of exciting activities and games. Each page has a perforated edge so that you can easily tear the page out to use.

We love that these aren’t run of the mill activities, but cute puppets and games that you colour then cut out to create something to use.

We were sent the full collection of activity books which will provide many many hours of entertainment for Isabelle. These can be bought separately to top up as and when  you need them.

Also in the Pipity range is the Pipity Portfolio which is an expanding file where all of your kids creations can be kept safely together. These are also available in the matching Pink, Blue and Red Star design. I initially thought that the portfolio was for us parents to keep the creations safe which do tend to rack up, but I was quickly corrected by Isabelle that it was so that she could keep the things that she had made so that she could play with them.

Pipity was founded by Kate who was inspired by her own happy childhood memories of cutting and sticking and creating wanted to give her own three children the same experience. The Pipity has everything to spark the imagination and keep little hands busy.

The Video

Watch our video which shows you what you get in the Pipity Kids Travel Activity Case.

What we thought.

As a mum I think the Pipity is pretty awesome. Isabelle loves all things crafty and I know this kit will keep her happy and busy during any journey. The case has everything you need so no scrabbling around for things or having to add extra bits to my bag. It also gets a huge thumbs up from me personally as Pipity is a Devon based Independent Business which I love to support having been there myself.

Isabelle was so excited when the Pipity came out of the box. Before she even opened it she was doing her catwalk walk as pranced up and down with the case hanging off her shoulder. She’s going to love carrying this herself. She loved all of the activities, with the puppets and dolls being her absolute favourite. I should post the outtakes of the video that we did as she spent way too long messing about with the scissors (why do kids love scissors so much) AND the bendy ruler cracked her up.

This is a total winner for both of us and it will be coming with us to Spain next month!

Fancy Winning your own Pipity?



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Good luck.

We plan to take our Pipity in the car, on the plane and possibly to the odd restaurant to keep Isabelle busy. Keep an eye on the Babynotincluded Instagram feed for updates.

Lisa x

•We were sent a Pipity Activity Case, a Pipity Portfolio and Activity books for the purpose of this review. All opinions and thoughts are our own.

Mila & Pheebs Stationery and Activity Kids Subscription Box

Mila & Pheebs Stationery and Activity Kids Subscription Box

One of the things that Isabelle and I like to do together is arts and crafts. There isn’t a day that goes by without Isabelle drawing a picture, colouring, or making something.

Arts and crafts is our go-to thing to do when we haven’t got anything planned or it’s pouring down with rain.

Mila & Pheebs Stationery & Activity Box Review

Mila & Pheebs Stationery and Activity Kids Box

Isabelle has inherited my love of stationery, and like me loves pens, notebooks, folders, clipboards and little pots of paperclips that we may never use.

When we were asked to review a Mila & Pheebs Stationery and Activity box we were very excited.

You can subscribe to Mila & Pheebs so that each month your child gets a surprise themed box through the post addressed to themselves with lots of lovely goodies inside. Even better, the box fits through the letterbox so there’s no chance of missing the postie and having to collect it from somewhere.

One of the other things that Isabelle is obsessed with at the moment is kids Youtube videos. She usually watches surprise boxes being opened which are mostly American Girls opening ‘blind bags’ which contain all kinds of Disney Princesses, Shopkins, or other such things.

Recently she’s started to talk in an American accent, and I’ve caught her loads of times pretending to make her own videos so I thought I’d give her a chance to have her 15 minutes of fave and let her introduce what came in the Mila & Pheebs box so over to Belle!

I’m a huge fan of kits like this which can easily be packed away to do on a journey, taken to Grandparent’s house or brought out for rainy days.

Each box is packed full of all you would need to complete the task and has several different things in the box to do.

We got:

  • A pencil with a donkey rubber topper
  • A really cute cow rubber which comes apart (including detachable nose)
  • Colouring-in sheets
  • A horse hand puppet kit
  • Animal shaped crayons (Isabelle called these rubbers in the video)
  • Farm Animal foam stickers
  • A maze and wordsearch sheet
  • A piggy notepad with pigs to colour in
  • Plain cards and envelopes
  • Sheep decoration kit
  • A felt chicken paperclip (might have pinched that)
  • Glittery farm animal stickers

So as you can see, you get a lot for your money.

Mila and Pheebs Review

You can subscribe to the boxes which you will receive each month, and each month has a different theme. You can also unsubscribe at any time for times when you may be away. There is also an option to buy a one off which would make a lovely gift.

We had great fun making the horse which we did on a day after school when the weather was a bit pants and Isabelle fancied something fun to do. I was quite intrigued watching her with her concentration face on, determined to do the sewing part from beginning to end.

Mila and Pheebs Review


Mila and Pheebs Review

The Mila & Pheebs Stationery and Activity Box gets the thumbs up from us!

Lisa x

*We were sent a Mila & Pheebs Stationery and Activity box free of charge for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are 80% Isabelle’s and 20% mine.