Pregnancy Diary Week 16

Pregnancy Diary Week 16

This is my Pregnancy Diary Week 16. We’ve hit the four month mark. Christmas is stressing me out. I’m feeling all kinds of pressure to do loads of Christmassy stuff, brave the wind and rain to take Christmassy pictures and create memories for us all to add to our memory banks.

Pregnancy Diary Week 16

The reality of this is that I’m fed up of Christmas shopping and I don’t want to leave the comfort of my blanket and fluffy socks to go and hustle and bustle with the rest of the world.

We went to Sainsbury’s at the weekend which was an ordeal in itself.

We did manage to make some Chocolate Orange Christmas Puddings for Isabelle to give as gifts.

Maybe it’s because I’m working all of this week which leaves only the evenings to do anything when I’m already tired. It just feels like a massive effort!

I’ve also started to get back pain which isn’t great. It’s not constant but sharp twinges if I move too quickly or sometimes when getting up and down. I also feel like I’m sleeping all scrunched up at night so in the mornings theres lots of creaky noises when I stretch.

Baby Brain – is this a proven ‘thing’? This time round I seem to have lost words from my vocabulary. I know what I want to say but can’t remember the words such as last week the word brush completely fell out of my mind so I had to resort to charade like acting to describe it. Weird.

I saw the midwife again this week and the results of my glucose tolerance test. I assumed it was going to be positive as I’d been told previously that once you’ve had it once, you would have it in subsequent pregnancies.


I’m so pleased. I’ll be tested again at 26 weeks but I’m so happy that this means that I can go into labour naturally and no need for additional appointments and the need for being under a Consultant.

It made my day.

I also got to listen to the heartbeat which was loud and strong. It’s going to be another little fidget like the other two.

With that done and the Christmas shopping finished I can relax a little bit and dream of a water birth…….


The baby is the size of an orange now, weighing around 100g and measuring about 11.6cm.

All the baby’s joints are fully formed. I can feel the baby moving around but it can’t be felt from the outside yet. They may also have found their thumb which they may be sucking. The baby is stronger now so will start to straighten their head and neck. It will also be able to move it’s face muscles but has yet to gain control of these.

Ooh this is a bit cringy but the baby may grab or play with their umbilical cord as they develop the ability to grip.

I’ve got a definite baby bump now, although it’s small it’s definitely there. I’m still wearing all my normal clothes but have started to think about what I need to buy. I think I’ll probably go down the tunic/tights route.

Until next week.

Lisa x

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