Pregnancy Diary Week 17

Pregnancy Diary Week 17

Pregnancy Diary Week 17 – week commencing 24th December. So it’s Christmas Eve and as we’ve been so unorganised it’s a day of present wrapping for us.

Pregnancy Diary Week 17

This time last year we had it sorted and had a chilled day including a visit to our local pub before heading home for a pizza and Christmas film.

This year I’m upstairs wrapping and Chris is downstairs cleaning and entertaining Isabelle.

Christmas wrapping whilst crouched on the floor has done nothing for my back or my knees.

I used to suffer with chronic neck pain which was a constant years ago and unfortunately both my back and my neck are screaming in pain at the moment.

When I saw my midwife last week she wanted me to have some anti-sickness tablets so that I could try and eat the Christmas dinner that I was really dreading.

I’m stubborn so I won’t take anything whilst pregnant so I’ll just put up with the sickness and constant nausea.

By the end of Christmas Eve evening I felt exhausted and looked forward to bed.

Christmas Day started at 3.45am for us when I heard a little voice asking if it was time to get up yet. We managed to put her off until just before 5am when we gave in to the barrage of ‘how many more minutes’….

The unthinkable happened and Ryan got up as well. It usually takes ages!

We headed downstairs after opening the stockings to find a huge pile of presents. Charlie (our dog) was going super crazy as he knows that there are presents and a stocking for him. He has a corner of the room where he takes things to rip up (usually things he shouldn’t have) so we sent him off with some wrapping paper to shred.

The kids were happy with the numerous presents that they each had. Isabelle had a robot pony, a shopkins aeroplane along with lots of other pink things. Ryan got power tools which he wanted as he’s recently started a carpentry apprenticeship.

I was a bit disappointed with my presents but I’m going to put this down to my pregnant emotional state, but they weren’t what I’d hoped for and buying a pregnant woman pyjamas for when she’s fat doesn’t really scream thoughtful.

Never mind…..

The dreaded Christmas dinner was fine and did not have me running to the loo.

The whole eating for two is a load of rubbish. I feel really full really quickly.

The rest of the day was lovely but my bed was a welcome site come the end of the day.

Boxing Day we went to my mums and all my side of the family were there. It gets quite hectic with all the kids but it went well with I think only one fall out which was quickly resolved. Boxing Day is all about cold meats, roasties, pickles and picky bits which suited me fine.

This kind of eating I could get used to.

The following days were quiet at home. Unboxing and making Lego. The lounge is full of toys but we have managed to find homes for most of the new things.

Next year is going to include a huge decluttering of everything from clothes to toys in each and every room. The thought of having another baby and all the stuff that comes with it seems a bit daunting at the moment.

I went back to work on Thursday just for one day and it was nice to get out but I was exhausted by the end of it.

The baby is moving around quite a bit now I can feel the movements but you can’t feel it with your hand yet.


The baby is now the size of an avocado (yuk) weighing around 140g and measuring about 13cm and would fit in the palm of your hand.

He/she looks like a proper little person now and their eyebrows and eyelashes have started to grow. Their eyes are still fused shut but they can move their eyes around.

Their heartbeat will be beating around 140 – 150 beats per minute and will be about twice as fast as yours.

Amazing. How is your pregnancy going?

I’m linking to the Bump & Babies Linky over on Let’s Talk Mommy Blog.

Lisa x

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  1. Thank you. It has eased off enough for me to add some different foods that don’t make me sick ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It’s always so exciting feeling the baby move. Hope you’re feeling better #bumpsandbabies

  3. Oh I had that this year wrapping present pregnant is not good on the back at all. It absolutely killed me by the end of it. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Bumps & Babies, I am hoping it will grow this year to share with more baby journeys and baby milestones too up to first birthdays!!! #bumpsbabies

  4. I loved when I could start feeling movements. Such a special time. I always get incredibly tired in pregnancy too, well done you for powering through the holidays. I would have needed a few naps!

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