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Our Family Life 2021 (20/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (20/52)


I had a nice catch-up with a friend via facetime and managed to book a toddler group for Freddie to attend starting in June. I’ve been looking for somewhere to take him for a few weeks, but there seems to be a waiting list for everything. I also got the application form sorted for Freddie to start pre-school in September which is something that’s been hanging around on my to-do list for a while. He loves other children, so I know he’s going to love it. We walked home the long way as we quite often do if the weather is nice. This is Belle marking the Pooh for the dog who loves to run halfway across a field just to find the perfect pooh spot. It drives me mad when I have to go searching for it. Anyone else’s dog do this?


A working from home day for me and a very productive one at that. We also popped to  Tesco to pick up a new range of Kingsmill 50/50 no bit seedy bread as well as a multi-seed bread for an Instagram post. Might have also had a nose around the clothes section. When did clothes shopping at the supermarket become such a highlight! As per usual, we picked up a few bits for the kids and nothing for ourselves.


I did a big chunk of blogging work with the help of Freddie. Some days this is impossible, but today I managed to get a lot done in between building bricks, racing cars, and the 155 snacks that Freddie wants a day. This is my absolute favorite kind of day as I can tick things off my to-do list as well as spending time with my little side-kick which I love.


Another workday from the office and very welcome to get out of the house. I’m sure everybody is, but I’m really fed up with all this rain and not really doing very much. I don’t drive and it’s only recently that I’ve really wished that I could so that I could pack up the kids and go somewhere. Anywhere! Passing my driving test is very much at the top of my personal to-do list (just underneath buying a house). Driving instructors are back up and running now so I need to take the plunge and get this done. Plus I made a bet with my eldest that I would beat him to it so I need to win this bet!


Was a boring house day. Making and changing beds, cleaning the bathroom as well as more decluttering. I’m not surprised we don’t have enough room for stuff. We literally have so much stuff in the house that it’s ridiculous. Our charity shops aren’t really taking donations, but the clothes bank is now being regularly collected so I’ve been doing regular drop-offs for the clothes that we no longer need or want.


We went charity shop shopping. This is one of Isabelle’s absolute favourite things to do and she’s missed it so much with the shops being shut. Always at the top of her list is anything Barbie whether its clothes, accessories, or dolls. She really doesn’t need any more dolls, but she does break me every now and again. Charity shop purchases are always met with a tut and an eye roll from Chris as the kids don’t really need any more toys, but it’s something we like to do together. We bought a Bratz doll and a couple of books (my fave buy from charity shops) as well as some cars for Freddie. On the way back from the shops, I let Freddie loose to jump in puddles which made his day. He was absolutely soaked with speckles of mud on his face and wellies full of water!

It was also my business’s first birthday today so Chris and I had a glass of bubbles to celebrate.


It rained! We opted for a baking day. I picked up a cake-making kit that included Jelly Bubbles which you had to make using a Calcium solution, so it was baking as well as a little science experiment. The kids enjoyed this so much, but unfortunately, the cakes didn’t taste as nice as we expected. We had a delivery of homemade biscuits from Nanny who braved the rain, so this more than made up for it.

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Our Family Life 2021 (19/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (19/52)


Bank holiday Monday and nowhere to go. I’m not really fussed about going out for drinks or food as yet, but it would have been nice to do something with the kids. As it was, it was raining so another day at home. I made the first lasagne in ages. Chris is really good so it was a test to see if mine was better. I missed out on the crown for best lasagne, and literally only scraped through with being better than school lasagne. We made a cheeky reel if you want to see what my daughter thinks.


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Tuesday was a work from home day. We were also waiting for the plumber to come and fix the kitchen sink. He finally arrived at around 4pm so we had fish and chips for tea, by the time he was finished and gone.


Wednesday was my Step-Dads funeral. The day started off really grey and rainy, but by the time we were at the crematorium it had brightened up. It was cold, but we had blue skies. The funeral was as sad as expected. The worse bit is seeing how upset your kids are. They’ve only seen him for well over a year to wave at from their balcony which is so awful. We were taking Freddie with us but at last minute decided to ask my in-laws to look after him. I’m sure a funeral comes under essential childcare so I don’t think we broke any COVID rules as a one-off. We went to a local pub to toast his memory and ended up staying for food. It was nice being out, but still a bit of a strange experience


Thursday I was back in the office. There was lots of chat about going out and the fact that the weather is killing any enjoyment. Everyone’s on countdown to June when hopefully the COVID shackles will be removed. It was also polling day so the school was closed as it’s used  as a polling station.


Freddie and I took it easy on Friday. I felt absolutely exhausted after the funeral and all the thoughts that come with that. I put my phone to one side and we did jigsaws, read books, played with playdoh and crawled around the floor as cats. Freddie loves to pretend he’s a cat, quite a lot or sometimes a puffy (puppy).

Saturday and Sunday

What the hell is wrong with the weather at the moment! We’re craving being outdoors, but the weather has been so rubbish. Hats off to all the people braving the weather to sit under umbrellas whilst fending off the wind and the rain. We stayed home as is the norm these days.

We did make homemade pizzas on Sunday for dinner which both kids enjoyed. Dinner times are not very pleasant at the moment. Isabelle complains about every single meal we give her and  Freddie just doesn’t like sitting at the table at all. Thankfully as they made the pizza’s themselves, Belle couldn’t complain as she’d made the food and Freddie was keen to get Daddy to eat his ‘Best pizza’.

Our Family Life 2021 (14/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (14/52)

Today is a turning point for many, as we’re finally allowed to meet up with people in an outside setting either in groups of six or two households. Have you already made plans? Are you raring to get out and socialise? I’m not!

I’m surrounded by rule breakers which puts added pressure on the rest of us who have been following the rules. I hate that I’m made to feel like I’m being silly by following the government guidelines. In honesty I would rather wait until all the social distancing rules are lifted and we can actually enjoy being out and about instead of constantly checking ourselves. I will do a bit of socialising for the sake of the kids, but I just find it stressful.

Anyway, Belle was still at school and Freddie and I went for a lovely walk where we collected leaves and sticks. Why do we always end up with a collection of sticks that the kids bring home. It was nice to be outside on such a lovely day, and Freddie made the most of it running around with the dog. We found a tree stump which Freddie likes to climb on which was growing fungus all around the bottom of the stump. I love this picture which is when I told Freddie that the tree was growing mushrooms.

We also made pizza for our dinner using the roll out pizza bases. There was a bit of drama as Belle didn’t want to share the pizza making with Freddie, so I’ll have to make sure I get two bases for next time.

We were also sent some Push Poppers to review which are a Fidget Toy based on popping bubble wrap and quite addictive. We made a couple of little TikToks and an Instagram reel using these which you can check out if you like.

Tuesday I did a bit of catching up with work stuff. I do some freelance work and it was nice to get on top of things a little bit before the Easter holidays when both kids are home. It’s weird that a toddler needs more looking after than a ten year old, but the ten year old needs way more attention that the two year old.

Wednesday we had a bit of a chilled day. Who else is going to miss these days when the world re-opens and we’re back to rushing around to fit as much stuff in as we used to? I don’t think I’ll go back to that. The slower pace is definitely the way forward. Having no weekly commitments, just taking the days as they are and doing things dependent on the mood and weather.

April Fools Day

I love seeing all the silly things that get advertised on April Fools day, and even better when people get taken in by it. So we’ve already made our way through a quarter of the year, but it almost feels like the year is yet to begin.

Our eldest turned 21 last year in lockdown, so this year he will be able to meet up with friends and have a drink or three which I’m really pleased about.

Good Friday

We always forget Bank Holiday’s as they don’t really mean much when one of you works them as normal. Chris always works Bank Holiday’s so it’s just a normal day for us. My sister and my niece came over today and we went for a walk. It was nice to have a catch up with them, and for the kids to spend some time together.

We desperately need to get our garden sorted so that the kids can go outside. We live near the river and so it stays really wet and boggy for quite a while. It’s just getting to the point where we may be able to cut the grass without ripping it all out and then it will still need a couple of weeks to dry out a bit before it’s ready for the kids. Hopefully this is our last year in this house before we move (I really hope so).

Saturday we went for a garden visit with my Mum. The sky was blue and it looked like it was going to be a lovely day. I took some lunch over so that we could sit and chat for a while. It was freezing unless you were in a direct sun spot. The kids were fine playing for a while, but even they had had enough after about an hour. Belle did her first stint of solo baking and made Chocolate Brownie Bites with crispy M&M’s on the top. They were possibly the nicest brownies I’ve ever tasted.

We still don’t have a date for my step-dads funeral and no signs of the death certificates which seems like a really long time.

Easter Sunday

We had an Easter Egg Hunt in the morning. This is the first year where Belle has had true competition from Freddie as he rushed around filling up his basket. The house now resembles a chocolate shop with Easter eggs stashed on every out of reach surface going.

Sunday was definitely the nicest weather day and we spent a good part of it in my in-laws garden. they have a lovely big garden which is great for the kids. Freddie took his bike and Isabelle took her scooter as there’s plenty of space for them to zoom around. They’re getting ready to move house shortly, but the new house has an even bigger garden which will be nice.

We finished the day with a huge lamb roast dinner which was amazing. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Freddie hadn’t fallen asleep on the way home and woken up super grumpy. He whinged and clung to me throughout dinner so that was a bit pants. It was a good roast though!

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Our Family Life 2021 (13/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (13/52)

Our Family Life started off with such sad news. A missed call from my Mum in the middle of the night and I knew that my Step-dad was gone. It wasn’t a surprise. When I said goodbye to him in the hospice yesterday I had a feeling that it was the last time. You think that you’re prepared when you know that it’s happening, but it still takes your breath away when it actually happens. Today was a sad day, made sadder when I had to ring our son to tell him that he was gone, and more so when I told Isabelle that her Grandad that she’d only been able to see from their balcony. Knowing that your kids are hurting hurts more than anything.

Tuesday I was grateful that I was on annual leave from work. I spent the day wiping my nose (thanks for the cold Freddie) and having lots of cuddles to get me through the day. Belle wanted to go to school to see her friends so I let her teacher know what had happened so that she could keep an eye on her.

Garden Play

Wednesday Freddie and I spent the morning in the garden. Our garden isn’t ready for playing in for ages yet. It doesn’t have very good drainage so the grass stays really wet, but that didn’t stop up getting the tuff tray out on the patio with some water in it. probably not the best option given that we’re both recovering from colds, but the fresh air was helping me stay awake and Freddie had a lovely time.

Thursday I think I’m finally over my cold so I went to see my Mum to help with the funeral arrangements and other bits and bobs. We still can’t decide which songs to choose. He was a huge fan of Mama Mia, but none of the songs feel appropriate. It made us laugh thinking of the last song being Dancing Queen or Money Money Money!

Friday was a quiet day at home. Freddie keeps me distracted by playing Playdoh, Paw Patrol and we also did some Easter Painting which he really enjoyed. Belle hates it when we do fun stuff whilst she’s at school so we have to try and play it down to save ourselves a drama.

Setting up an Indoor Camp

Saturday we had a really fun day setting up an indoor camp as a dry run in preparation for The Big Little Tent Festival. It’s amazing what you can create with blankets, cushions, pillows, and your dining table. I wasn’t really in the mood for it, but the kids had a lot of fun and it passed the day away so all in all was a good day.

Moldy Bread!

Yesterday we had a bit of an abrupt start. We actually forgot about the clocks changing so we got up with very little time for Chris to get up and out to work. On weekends we like to have a bit of a leisurely breakfast. Isabelle opted for poached egg on toast and Freddie chose to have coconut yoghurt and granola. As we were almost finished eating, Isabelle noticed a spot of mold on the edge of her toast. Yep, total Mum fail, we were eating moldy bread. After reassuring her that she wouldn’t get ill from eating moldy bread she was fine, but she totally milked it for the rest of the day.

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Our Family Life 2021 (12/52 weeks)

Our Family Life 2021 (12/52)

Our Family Life 2021 – Monday was just the usual (yey, for the usual) school run, etc. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into my Mother’s Day Hamper, but we ordered such a big takeaway yesterday that we need to finish that off today. Tomorrow…..

Tuesday is all about the cheese. Cracking open my hamper and stuffing our faces with olives, cheeses, nice bread, and crackers. Mmmmm nom nom nom. If I was food, I would be cheese, I love it!

Subscription Boxes

Wednesday my new Birch Box came which is always a nice surprise. I love getting some little treats just for me and this one definitely ticked all the boxes. I’m really looking forward to using the Gold Revitalising Eye Gels which I think I need for my dark circles. Freddie wanted the box to put his Superwings in, so he was happy. I really love subscription boxes and the element of surprise, so I think I might give a few more a go. I would love any suggestions of any subscription boxes you may have tried.

Thursday was a workday for me in the office. I booked my second Covid vaccination for the 21st of April which felt good. Although a lot of people are having more side effects from the second dose than the first. I did have a reaction with the first vaccine, all the lymph nodes under my armpits became inflamed for a few days, and using deodorant was a bit ouchy. Apparently, the best thing to do is to take Paracetamol before you have the vaccine and make sure that you keep hydrated so that’s what I’ll do. Fingers crossed if you’ve got yours coming up.

I went to see my Step-Dad today in the hospice. It was a shock to see him as he’s changed so much only in a few days. He’s no longer getting out of bed to sit in the chair. He was sleeping so I sat and chatted to him about what we’d been up to, and played some of his favourite music, and he squeezed my hand a few times. Bit by bit he’s slipping away. He may not wake up now, so we’ll keep on visiting. Keep on chatting to him and hopefully, he knows that we’re there. I feel grateful that he hasn’t been transferred to a nursing home since we wouldn’t be able to see him at all, but the end is close…….

Friday I felt exhausted so Freddie and I just had a chilled day playing. He loves to cuddle and must have realised that I needed that more than anything.

Saturday Freddie woke up and was full of a cold and very clingy. Isabelle was terrified that she was going to catch Freddie’s germs so spent the day in her room, only coming down wearing a mask for snacks!

Sunday I went back to see my Step-Dad, and it was very upsetting. He was completely unresponsive. I sat and watched his chest go up and down, holding my own breath every time the rhythm changed. It’s awful losing somebody you love to cancer. Watching them disappear and shrink before your eyes. I’m not really sure how the Hospice staff do their jobs when everybody is so sad and upset all the time. It takes a special kind of person.

Sorry to get all doom and gloom on you.

Potty Training Update

In other news, the potty training is going really well. Freddie is using both his potty and the toilet with no problems or accidents at all. He prefers to wear pull-ups rather than pants which is fine by us. We’ve also switched him from nappies to pull-ups at night, and these are pretty dry in the mornings so we’re pretty impressed with our clever little boy.

Our Family Life 2021 (11/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (11/52)

Monday 8th March – the day the kids went back to school. Will they last longer than the one day they went back to school in January? Let’s hope so.

These last couple of months have been tough.

The kids need routine.

We need routine.

As well as the schools re-opening, the weather has turned a corner which is always nice. I wonder how long it’ll be before the nation is moaning about doing the school pick-up. Thursday maybe Friday I’d put my money on.

Tuesday was a cake making day for me. It’s my Nephews 21st birthday tomorrow so I’m making a huge chocolate cake with lashings of chocolate butter cream, chocolate ganache and topped with more chocolate.

I also went to see my Step-Dad before he moves to a nursing home. It’s a bit worrying that this might be the last time I see him since the rules for visiting nursing homes are really strict for obvious reasons.

When I arrived at the hospice I had to have a lateral flow test and wait 30 minutes for the result to come through. We saw my step-dad in the corridor and he was trying to get into the room that we were in.

When we finally got to see him after testing negative it was a bit of a shock. He was so thin and had changed so much since seeing him a couple of weeks ago. He still had some of his sense of humour, but he also kept disappearing mid conversation and mumbling things we couldn’t make out.

It was quite upsetting to see him like that, knowing that we well lose more of him bit by bit.

Wednesday we were back on the potty training with Freddie. We tried a couple of weeks ago but he started holding his wee in and ended up getting really upset, but today he asked to wear pants. So far so good!

Thursday I had a bit of a blog catch-up and did some of the admin bits and pieces and then treated myself to a long soak in the bath which was a bit of a treat.

Friday was a funny weather day. It was either lashing down with rain or blue skies and sunshine. We’ve reached a tricky stage with Freddie in terms of his pushchair. Generally we don’t use it, but there are days when we’ve been busy and I know he won’t cope with the school pick-up. It’s trial and error at the moment. Some days I take it out and he doesn’t go in it and other days he knackered and will happily sit in it. My other two were out of prams by his age, but they all do thing in their own way.

Freddie looking for Belle on the way to school

Potty training is still going well with no accidents.

Saturday Ryan was back with us and he had Luka, so it was a day of lots of playing and noise. I though Freddie would be too distracted to remember to tell me if he needed a wee, but he’s done amazingly well. He had his first accident today when he was doing some secret Mother’s Day stuff with Belle and she couldn’t get him to the potty on time, but one accident in four days is pretty amazing.

Sunday it was Mother’s Day, and the day started off as a good one. I was given homemade cards by the kids and a huge hamper from Darts Farm with loads of goodies including cheeses and truffles. Chris made bacon sandwiches before he had to go off to work, and the day took a turn for the worse. Isabelle has been having huge outbursts for the last few months and today was one of those days. It’s so hard to get her out of these awful moods, so we had a good few hours where she stayed in her room in a grump. I always wonder about the pics people put on social media of their perfect days, and whether it’s true to form or just a small snippet of a day where all the usual family squabbles, tantrums and fallouts happen.

I wanted a picture of all three kids and as you can see, none of them are insta-perfect!

Next year I think I’ll take myself off for a spa day with a good book!

This is the lovely Mother’s Day Sweet and Savoury Afternoon Tea that we ordered for Chris’ mum from Orchardlea Occasion Foods who are local to us.

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Our Family Life 2021 (10/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (10/52)

Monday – it’s the 1st March. The end of homeschooling is in sight. It feels like there’s light at the end of a very long tunnel. We’re not quite out of it yet, but it really does feel like we’re a step closer. The weather has clearly caught onto our dreary mood as a nation and decided to give us some much needed sunshine.

Oh and our sandwich shape cutter arrived this morning. It’s funny how a sandwich cut into the shape of a dinosaur will be eaten by a two year old but a normal square or triangle won’t do…

Tuesday I was back at work (from home). At the moment it feels like a day off just to be out of the homeschooling.

The perks of working from home is McDonalds drive-through. It was a bit of a last week of homeschooling treat for us all.

Wednesday I knew was going to be a battle just by the look on Belles face when she came down for breakfast. Good or bad decision but I let her ditch some of her classes so that she could do some craft instead.

She’s really into My Froggy Stuff which is a YouTuber who does all things Barbie from making a setting up scenes to giving them total makeovers. So she decided to make a sweet shop with miniature sweets, a till, wrapping paper and little bags. I thought she did a pretty good job, and put in loads of details.

Thursday I worked on site at work. It’s not the best having to wear a mask all day, but it’s good to be seeing people other than Chris and the kids.

We decided to get Belle a little treat to say well done for putting up with us as shonky teachers for the past year, so we got her a new scooter, and all went out for a scoot. Needless to say, we carried Freddie’s all bar the 10 seconds at the beginning.

I’m still waiting for my teacher present to emerge!

Oh and even better, the school have decided to give the kids the day off on Friday. Today was………THE LAST DAY OF HOMESCHOOLING!!!

Friday we got up. We sat in our pyjamas in front of the TV……It was a good day!!

Saturday and Sunday were the usual chill out in preparation for return to school on Monday. Thankfully Belle’s school shoes still fit her so that was one less thing to stress about.

Roll on Monday. Woo Hoo!!

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Our Family Life 2021 (9/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (8/52)

Monday was back to homeschooling with a very reluctant Isabelle. I really feel like we’ve gone as far as we can with homeschooling this way. The return to school can’t come quick enough now. That said, we have to remember that we’re still living in a pandemic and life could change again. Hopefully not though.

A while ago I was sent a letter from NatWest who I bank with personally and for my business asking if I would like to swap to another bank, and that they would give me £1250 for doing so. So I did just that and swapped to Starling, and this morning I got notification of the £1250 in my account. Anybody looking for a new account, I would highly recommend Starling.

Tuesday I had this day as an annual leave day, which doesn’t feel that great since we can’t go anywhere.

Wednesday was a day of messy play. Freddie and I started the day by making Playdoh monsters and superhero face masks followed by cornflour gloop (see my Instagram Messy Play Highlights for the full effect) for a science experiment. I brought the tuff tray in the kitchen to hopefully reduce the mess. Well, the kitchen was left with splatters of blue gloop all over it and the floor took days of cleaning before it was clean of a fine film of dustiness.

Thursday was agin just a get the homeschooling done kind of day. Oh and clean the kitchen again!

Same again on Friday!

Saturday and Sunday we went for a walk and just chilled at home. Freddie is really into setting up his play sets and will now sit happily and play with them for a while on his own which is nice. He’s still quite heavy handed with his toys so the train track doesn’t stay together very long and he loves to bash all of his cars and trains together

Overall, the days and weeks have started to drag now and all of our enthusiasm has been sucked away……

Our Family Life 2021 (5/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (5/52)


Another week and today is another work day but I can’t concentrate one little bit. I have a funeral to go to tomorrow and it’s the only thing I can think of. Losing someone, particularly now whilst we aren’t able to see people is so hard. Working was a welcome distraction.


It was the funeral of my brother-in-law today. Taken far too soon. It was a shock and will be for some time.

The funeral was very different from the usual setup, but I’m glad that we were given the chance to say goodbye. It was very strange wearing a mask throughout. It was hot and your face underneath literally gets covered in snot. There was no wake, no drink to toast his life, but it’s something we can do when the time is right.


It was our lovely Charlie’s 7th birthday, and not a year goes by without cake and presents for him.

Making a cake and wrapping presents for him was a welcome distraction after yesterday.

We love how he knows when presents are for him. He throws himself into shredding the wrapping paper making so much mess, but it’s all part of the fun.

Much like children, I can’t believe that our fur baby is seven already (49 in dog years). As a labradoodle, he’s a bit of a nutter by nature, but he has slowed down over the last year or so. He too is craving the attention of people other than us.


Let’s just say. Homeschooling, work, and a toddler – Day written off!


Our son comes home with his son which is always a lovely distraction. Freddie loves having his nephew here to play. Ryan’s currently working towards his A level in maths which he needs for his engineering course. I’ve no doubt that he’ll smash this if he puts his mind to it.


was just a day of playing. I had intended for us to go for a walk but the weather is absolutely shocking at the moment.


Was the first day of a week off for Chris. He works really long hours and so we don’t really get much time together so we spent the day chilling, playing, and being silly on the switch. We even roped him into a Just Dance session. Shame that I couldn’t sneak a video of him absolutely killing the dad dancing.

Like Christmas, everybody is looking forward to the back of January. It’s been a tough, long month……..

Our Family Life 2021 (4/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (4/52)


Monday’s I would usually be at home with the kids, but I’ve had to temporarily change my workdays to Monday and Friday to fit in with Chris’ job.

We also had a delivery of rock cakes and chocolate cakes from Nanny which was a welcome treat.

Homeschooling will probably feature in these diaries quite a bit since it’s taking up most of our time.

To break up the day a bit Belle made us lunch today. We had a picky lunch which is a favourite of ours. It’s just loads of randoms like crackers, cheese, pickles, cucumber, etc.

As the days are long and stressful for all of us, we have to take the wind where we can and pick our fights and know when to just let things go. We finished up the day with a bedroom disco which the kids love and it gives me a minute to regain my sanity.


Thursday was a workday for me, and I should confess that it’s one of the days that I wake up with a smile on my face knowing that I’m not the one homeschooling today. There’s definitely a spring in my step on the way upstairs for a day of hard graft. I think Chris appreciates that staying home with the kids isn’t the day off that he once thought!

I even took the opportunity to nip out to the shop ON MY OWN! It was lovely to be outside without the constant kid whinging noises or somebody wanting something. I’m not ashamed to say that I took my sweet time walking there and back!


Friday…..looking forward to the weekend and therefore the end of the school week. I don’t know if it was because Belle knew it was Friday, but she plowed on with her work so we finished off the day watching a couple of episodes of the Jurassic World cartoon series on Netflix which was really nice for all of us.

We also had a huge duplo session and made robots.


We seem to be working on incentives at the moment. Using treats and activities as a way of getting through each day. Most of the time it works so for now we’ll keep doing this. It’s totally exhausting but we take each day as it comes.

Belle wanted to do some baking this weekend so fairy cakes were the simple thing to do. We made a batch of 12 and split them up so that they both had six each to decorate.

Isabelle spent ages decorating hers whilst Freddie was done in around seven minutes, but he enjoyed it all the same.


Was just a day of staying in pyjamas until near lunchtime, playing and chilling. We need to get outside but the weather is shocking at the moment with so much rain.

Another week down…..another week closer to the end of the pandemic!!

Family Life 2021 - An insight into the daily life of a family of five